YESILUZUMLU & AROUND ? Habitat & Ecology
The flora and fauna in and around Dikencik are as diverse as Turkey?s culture,  
  • many fascinating sights for nature lovers
  • wood around is a great bank providing important  habitat, 
  • most of the flora is endemic (Cephalanthera, Irıs?
Ophrys reinholdii is under protection


  • many different kinds of birds including falcons, eagles, garrulus
  • many different kinds of mammalians  caracal ,wild rabbits, wild boar, bats, squirells, tortoises, fox
  • it's perfect for anyone interested in mushrooms, whether a first-time collector or a seasoned hunter, and makes an ideal short break on its own or could form part of a longer holiday in the area. Number of edible species are available in and around the land ; most popular of the local varieties are the Lactarius delicious (Çintar), Morel(Göbek), Clitocybe geotropa (Et melkisi), Macrolepiota procera (Dede mantarı), Lepista nuda and L. personata (Mavi cincile), Kedi kulağı, Truffle?  
        Enjoy hunting and cooking.

        Summer is not the season for this wonderful experience.

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