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Orchids in Dikencik

Orchids, one of the most charming flowers of plant world

Mushrooms in our district

The mushroom world in our area is very expansive...

Wild Mushroom cooks

The wild mushrooms started to show themselves with the rains and we are collecting them to prepare delicous dishes.

Summer meadow 1500 to 2500 metres

Nomads started to move high pastures at the end of April. This movement is proceed by stages until June.

They follow the snow in mountains and reach up to 2700 metres where they can find meadow land feeded by the water of snow for their animals...

Outdoor activities

One can find many activities in Fethiye region


Surrounding of Dikencik is full of natural beauties…

Natural Products in Dikencik

We are serving natural products

Dikencik on press

See what press says about Dikencik...

Spring is becoming, nature is awakening

Irıs, Cyclamen and Anemone all appeared...

Now we are waiting for Orchids...

Horay... we saw our first Orchid on Feb.22: Ophrys heterochila

2 March Orchis papilionacea subsp. heroica showed their flowers.