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Outdoor activities



As Dikencik Cottages, other than the accommodation facility we provide, we offer you some outdoor activities.

You are bored of city life, or for some other reasons you want to run away to unspoiled areas. Besides, on these grounds of escape you want to walk on the edge of life safely. That’s exactly where we step in. We deliver you to the experienced hands of our friends who exercise the outdoor sports as a profession. 


But, before all else, we get acquainted and know you. Then we draw up a program special for you. We do not impose any time limit. We do not limit activities. So that you can not only ride off-road exploring the wilds but also do paragliding enjoying the skies within the same program.


We do not offer you package programs. We want you to choose your friends yourself. Or your loneliness, out from the herd, if that’s how you like your adventure to be served.

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